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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Vote! Why Bother?

So the discussions rumble on about the EU bailout and who said what to whom and who agreed with whom.  Well one thing we do know is that the former Chancellor didn't agree with the Financial Stability package.  Astonishingly even though he didn't agree with it he voted for it.  It seems that because of the way it was voted for among the EU countries he couldn't block it.  Fine, you can't block it but why on earth would you then vote for it?

When, in years to come people look back at the historical voting record it won't say that the UK voted for it but really didn't agree with it.  I would much rather that every time that our political representatives are against a piece of legislation they register our dissent.  If they lose the vote then at least there is a marker down registering that fact.  Now during any discussion the proponents of further bail outs can point at the vote and say "but look the vote to implement this was unanimous", too late now to try to back out of your agreed responsibilities.

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